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December 7, 2004 at 11:47 pm (WTF)

Hiya Scent Fiends and other Fiends!

It’s been real on the news this evening. Please keep in mind I live near Detroit, the murder capital of the world. However, the national focus is currently on the trial of Coral Eugene Watts, a rather interesting critter, but that’s not what got my attention tonight.

The link above is to a story in the Detroit area–seems a battered wife has admitted to killing her abusive husband. I do recommend you read the article, and if possible watch the video clip that WDIV’s hard-working webmaster provided us with. That footage was on the 11 O’Clock news, and it’s interesting to watch. I’ll wait while you watch it.

Really, I will.

Well??? Go watch it already!!

Now that you’re back…

I don’t find it unusual that a woman struck back at a man who beat her–sorry, ALLEGEDLY beat her. More abusive husbands kill their wives than the other way around. What’s unusual is that she’s on trial for it. She’s admitted to killing him, but her story is that she did it during an episode of domestic violence. Again, how’d she get on trial for this? I’m going to tell you, naturally–I’d be missing the point of all this if I didn’t.
On that footage, we see a distraught woman reliving the events that led to her husband’s death…how she was shoved across a garage (the cut on her hand from HIS knife pointed out in other footage if not in this particular one–perhaps the nice folk at WDIV posted it too) and landed hard, then happened to find the hatchet she bought the week before all this happened JUST as HE grabbed her leg. The footage went on (if it doesn’t online it did on the newscast) to her describing how she came home at lunchtime from her teaching job to find him dead where she left him that morning.

OK–now we’re coming to the interesting (and by interesting I mean the dumbass) part.

She hacked him with a hatchet and a knife…then left for work and came home for lunch after leaving a pissed-off man with a supposed history of domestic violence at the house? IS SHE OUT OF HER RABBIT-ASSED MIND? (Further examination of the story is left to keep you blog-heads busy) She cracks the guy with a hatchet (more on that later) and DARES to come home ALONE? Uh, teachers are usually pretty smart–smart enough NOT to return home alone when there’s been that violent a fight.
Continuing–she tells the court how she wanted to protect her sons…and how she cleaned up the mess and went back to work to finish out the day.
My bullshit detector went off on this too–let’s see, she’s been getting beaten regularly enough that she feels like he’s finally going to lose it and kill her because he’s attacked her with a knife (HER story, folks–she has cleaned up the scene of the crime, remember? No proof the guy had a knife or anything else, since he’s not alive to testify). So, when she “found” a weapon that she so-coincidentally purchased the previous week (uh-huh. I got some “fertilizer” to sell ya too–freshly made by domesticated beasts), she defends herself, then goes in to work like nothing happened, came home, realized he’s dead and “no one should have died that day” (yeah, that one’s a quote from her time on the stand today), cleans up the body and, according to police, HIDES it in their SUV?????
Yeah, I wonder here too–I’m betting tomorrow’s testimony is all about how she wanted her sons protected, so she hid the death, didn’t call an ambulance, hid the body, and LIED to the police when they came looking for her husband, who is a school athletics coach along with being a wife-beater.

I told you I found this “interesting.” I am not saying that she wasn’t abused–one of her sons says she was, the other claims he’d never seen them fight physically, so the stories don’t all match among the other witnesses so far either. I’m just having a MAJOR problem with her version of how this all went down.

Let’s see if I have this straight–they were fighting, he came at her with a knife in the kitchen, she ran to the garage, was shoved, happened to find her hand on that hatchet as he grabs her again, and from a curled-up fetal ball swings the hatchet. Once he quits attacking, she leaves for work, comes home for lunch, finds a dead guy on her garage floor, cleans up like a good little housewife, hides her hubby’s dead bod, then goes back to work. Afterwards, when he turns up missing, she lies to the cops and doesn’t tell them he’s rotting in the back of an SUV but they figure out he’s dead and the whole ugly truth about their life together comes out while she’s explaining how he got his hacked-up ass into the back of their gas-guzzler.

Did I get that right?? OK, let’s assume that I did, based on her statements during the investigation and the trial so far.

NOW–there’s actually two ways to puzzle this one out and neither one make a damned bit of sense to me.
ONE–this was a totally unplanned departure of this mortal coil, precipitated by the blind panic of a woman who has had the shit kicked out of her for who-knows how long.
It does bring questions to mind–why did she hide it all, especially once she realized he was dead and in her words, “I couldn’t fix him!!” Once he was done bleeding all over the garage floor, wouldn’t it have made sense to call the ambulance if “no one had to die?” Call the ambulance, let them pronounce him dead, tell the cops the whole sordid story and deal with life from there. She was defending herself, right? Why hide it–and how would they convict a woman being chased with a knife? Why hide his horrible ass anyhow?
If she panicked again and that’s why she cleaned it all up and hid the body (her statements say this is her side of the story), didn’t it occur to her that she’d need to eventually come clean and she’d screwed herself by cleaning up? Apparently not, since she went ahead and played dumb about his disappearance until she was faced with his body–by the way, I believe the count was 12 hatchet wounds and many more knife stabs. Whatever the count, wouldn’t washing away the blood and hiding his dead ass have really called into question her whole story?

AND YEAH, I finally got to one of the points–she’s on trial because her story DOESN’T make sense!! She didn’t act like a person defending themselves against someone who was likely to have killed her sooner or later, and she thought the day had come.

TWO–She planned the whole crime from start to finish, including a great acting job on the stand to make everyone believe 1–she was a battered wife finally standing up for herself and it was horrible he died while she did it, and 2–she’s not now and wasn’t then playing with a full deck. Not an unusual way to try to off one’s spouse; I’m sure it’s been used a time or million before.
So, why does her story SUCK so BAD now if she planned all this? Yep, that’s the prosecution’s stand–she planned the whole thing, bought the hatchet so she’d have a nice tool to whack him with and she plotted to kill him and hide his body and play like he disappeared. She’s even the one who reported him missing–preparing to separate or not, it’s still noticeable when someone doesn’t come home.
Keep in mind she didn’t even get the dead meat off the property–she hid him in the back of an expensive vehicle parked at the house, telling the very interested police department that the stinky mass (he was back there three days) was ARTWORK!! WHO plans a stabbing without a place to ditch the body?? Not to mention how hard it seems to be to find anyone who can reliably say she was a battered woman in the first place–her sons don’t even agree on this point, let alone anyone else. Her story says she hid it all to protect the boys–logical, but if you’re using it as grounds to kill the SOB, hiding it doesn’t support your story. So, my bullshit detector is going off trying to play Devil’s Advocate too.

Today was Day 2 of Nancy Seaman’s testimony–I think it’s gonna be interesting the rest of the way too since she continues on the witness stand tomorrow.

Feel free to post on this one–it’s half the reason I wrote it.


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