Monkey Farts

December 8, 2004 at 9:08 pm (Soaping and Knitting)

Ha–knew that title would get your attention.

I have to admit it got mine–to the point where I bid on a fragrance oil by that name on eBay .

Monkey Farts–usually advertised as "whatever goes into a monkey–bananas, coconut, nuts, berries, fruits…" They forget to mention that with carbon-based life forms, what goes in must come out. Hence, the fart part.

Much as I like the sound of the description, I can't picture offering this soap to anyone but Javert, my darling, dearest brother. You see, Jav's my biggest fan (Gapey's a fan too but Jav's the biggest one)–unless he's out and I'm stuck in bed with my seriously painful and messed-up back, he doesn't use anyone else's soap…lotion (won't tell you what kind he likes best tho–email me for the info)…lip balm…oh, Jesus, don't get me started on the Lip Balm.

But as usual I digress. He, as far as I know, has used every bit of soap I've ever sent–including the Root Beer one I did for shits and grins last winter when I was slow and wanted to just play a bit. I know Jav would cheerfully use my Monkey Farts soap–even if I used the dog-pile mold I saw on eBay the same day to make the bars. He'd use it.

Would you?


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