Lip Balm

December 9, 2004 at 1:08 pm (Funny Shit, Soaping and Knitting, WTF)

I TOLD you not to get me started…

I can't believe this–one little bitty tube of stuff (click here for pic–it's that little green thing in the basket) has people raising holy bloody HELL!! And it all started so innocently too…

I came up with the formula for this lip balm during the first days I was making handmade bath and body goodies–my lips were fried and I hated the thought of buying a tube of crayon wax to smear on my lips and the only other thing in the house was a jar of Vaseline that my fiance staked out to "someday" (read–maybe if I ever feel like messing with it or something in the yard needs burning) make homemade Napalm. So there was nothing I could do–I had to go play Mad Scientist (like I ever need encouragement to do that–keep in mind I play with caustic chemicals for shits and grins).

In the end, it's the one thing I have ever made the most of. And it's a simple thing to make, really it is–the trick is getting it into those Gods-forsaken tubes, and I even have that down to a manageable process. For those interested, a friend of mine published the formula and feel free to try it yourself. Don't say this article doesn't warn you tho–here's the link to Chris' Rogue River Soaps.

Turns out, that in the Great Midwest, once someone gets their hands on one of these puppies, there's no letting go!! Dang–I even had a woman PISSED at me because I ran out of them and the supplier was slow getting me more tubes! Does she place an order for when they come in?? HELL no! She ORDERS ME to get them in by the next time I'm in her area! And she does indeed show up and get like 20 of them! Now that I'm putting them on show tables I go thru 50 or MORE a show–just from people buying 10 and more at a crack.

~Shaking my head~ Unfrellingbelievable–all this racket over lip balm? Sure, it's very nice stuff–the shea butter makes it nice and soft even when you forget and leave the damned thing in your jacket pocket just before you go out in -20 weather and start the car you keep wishing had a remote start on it. The Peppermint essential oil makes your lips tingle, just a little bit, and the Tea Tree essential oil makes those inevitable cracks (especially when you frell up and leave the damn lip balm in your jacket pocket) feel much better.

But isn't there more to life????



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