People in Hell want ice water

December 10, 2004 at 9:35 am (Funny Shit)

Just when I think I won't find anything really fucking strange on eBay (I mean stranger than the cup thrown at Ron Artest, the Virgin Mary on a cheese sandwich, tornado wind, a biker in his ex-wife's wedding dress ranting about how lousy his marriage is), I find it. The weirdest part–more than one person had this idea.

I was paging thru the Want It Now ads on eBay–it's a new category, set up to list things you, surprise of surprises, couldn't find on eBay in your regular searching. Well, anyhoo, I was looking thru it, and found the listing in the link up there. The listing title is "My Christmas Wish List…All I want is $1"

Let's see…you don't have a copy of "The Cat In The Hat" to sell?? (I'd like one in Latin–a friend has a copy of "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" and my daughter thought it was seriously cool). How about coupons for a free car wash? Don't have a single thing in this world you can list–you just have this need to panhandle online?

And WHAT in BLUE Hell does a person get for giving this person a dollar? A nice thank-you email? A charge from PayPal for sending the buck to this fool?

Actually, I'm guessing a vague feeling of, "I shouldn't have done that." Considering what a scam this sounds like, it might be possible that it's a way to accumulate a list of suckers' mail and PayPal account list–or am I being a Grinch?

Yeah, I'm being a Grinch.

But just because you're a Grinch, it doesn't mean they're not out to clean out your wallet.


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