Hey, yo! It’s Survey Time

December 17, 2004 at 3:58 pm (Soaping and Knitting)

~Reading the title and shrugs~ Nash and Hall are on TNA Wrestling, so Survey Time is coming up more often these days…

But I need some clues here. Due to the large pile of StinkieMail I've been getting lately, I have a shitload of scents to test in incense, soy wax and soap! So, here's a list of what needs testing and you tell me which you wanna see first, and which goodies to try it in. I have no idea where to start on this massive list so feel free to let me know.

Pomegranate Sweet Orange
Herbal Citrus
Stress Relief (needs soap testing–not likely to hold up in incense)
Black Cashmere (Donna Karan)
Pretty Red Roses
Pumpkin Spice
Pink Sugar (Aqualina)
Sandalwood (this one's different than what I have on hand–smells like well-aged essential oil, tons of other notes blended in)
Cranberry Woodspice
Sage and Citrus
Pearberry (a new to me supplier)

I'm testing Fig Clementine in soy wax right now–it's great in soap and I need to check it out in incense too because most citruses don't hang worth a damn in incense. But this candle throws scent like a monkey with a handful of shit, so I'm hopeful.


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