It’s all over but the After-Holiday sale

December 27, 2004 at 11:56 am (Soaping and Knitting)

Well, it's noon EST and I'm looking at the pile of shipping I need to do, with the feeling I'd just rather crank Velvet Revolver and go play Gin and be a lazy bitch like I've been working up to this weekend.

It's not that I don't fully appreciate the fun I've had or the wonderful people I've met thru eBay–contrary to popular belief it's not full of bloodthirsty cut-throat thieves. After all, I'm there and I'm no thief. I've met some great folks–like the neat Aussie lady who lives in Arizona, the one who made Jav's new candle/coffee mug. The same lady sent me a candle in the same scent as a Christmas present–which, btw Laura Lee, rocks! Or the one who sent me a wonderful candle and bath bomb with my order, then proceeded to tell me what that fabulous scent was and where she gets it! Or the other one that showed me Eggnog is NOT a shitty scent for a candle (I have the votive to prove it–makes the house smell GREAT!) and the nice woman in Wisconsin (yeah, I know that's where all the best eBayers come from, but I just say that because it's where I was born and raised) who got tied up with a family emergency over the holiday and refunded my bucks because I didn't have my goodies before Christmas.

I could go on, but you all know who you are, the good people you meet on eBay…hopefully the asshats (MooCow, I still giggle like a silly bitch when I think of that word) know who they are too, like the one who spends two words of feedback saying "Nice sale" and the rest of the space plugging themselves! I do mention which eBay Store my customers got the stuff from but not "Come to my store where I sell what the person who bought from me sells the same thing only she sells better stuff so I'm fucking with her feedback!"

So, here I sit, surrounded by the scent of the Applejack and Peel fragrance oil I just loaded samples of to go out with orders, trying to resist the urge to go looking for my Badboys and just piss the day away, now that John's back at work and it's quiet enough to truly crank the speakers enough to melt my face while I sit here and babble. Guess I'm just tired.

Or I have scurvy.


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