Swap stuff is HERE!

January 29, 2005 at 4:07 pm (Soaping and Knitting)

I just got a great big boxful of goodies and I’m not telling (yet) exactly what’s in it.

I did a soap swap with Steph’s SoapFragranceCo-Op-Without-The-Drama Yahoo list, and I’m not sorry I did! Everyone’s stuff was fabulous and thanks for letting me contribute!

For those who aren’t addicted to making yummy-scented stuff, a swap is where folks get together (in this case 25 of us) and each makes one item for each other person in the swap (not themselves unless they want to keep one of what they swap). We all sent them to the infinitely patient and fabulous Steph, who sent one of each item sent in to each person in the swap. We each paid our shipping for the return package and we each wind up with 25 items, one of each person’s contribution.

Yep, I sure did get a lot of soap but it’s great stuff–MUCH better than my soaps!

NO, I can’t list the items yet–I will do that once everyone gets their boxes. I’m in SE Michigan so I got mine very early in the shipment part of the swap.

I do have three extra of what I sent–will sell for $5.00 each. Email me for details or watch for the “lookit all the goodies” post.


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