Swap stuff LIST!!! Read ’em and drool!

January 31, 2005 at 11:44 pm (Soaping and Knitting)

I posted a couple days ago about this great swap I was in, and I've been asked nicely by Javvy McHornpersonerson to post the complete list and rave about it. Since I planned to do this anyhoo, here ya go:

Wilma made us all chocolates!! Ain't she great? She sent yummy Rocky Road candy, delicious dark chocolates, and Jalapeno jelly-filled chocolate hearts. Tasty stuff, all around.

LJ from Hocus Pocus made us a great set–soap, mudpack, scrub and lip balm…all yummy and can't wait to use any of it!

Darcy made yummy yummy goatsmilk soap–wrapped very nicely in purple tissue and decorated with a brocade heart. I wish my stuff looked this good. (testing to see if everyone can get a look at the pics without being a group member)

Althea made a great goatsmilk soap too, Imperial Purple, scented with something she calls Licorice Lavender. It rocks and I'm hiding it from Honey because I want to see how well the combo holds up. I love it and MUST try it

Mare is a great new fan of mine–she loved the incense I sent for this swap. And I'm treasuring her molded guest soap too–a castle, scented with Butter Rum yumyumyum!

Diane made us Vanilla Milk Bath and I'm in love–since I can't use my bathtub, I load a muslin bag with bath melts, salts, and will do that with this nummy-smelling bath. Or I'll send it to Moo so he can smell like Vanilla but not a feminine Vanilla.

Cheryl at Three Dog Kitchen made Goodnight Stress bath mix–yummy scent and I plan to bag and soak that too.

Rebecca did two items, a very pretty soap and the Salt Scrub I got, with Cherry soap beads in it. Yummy and might have to hide this too (gee, I'm selfish, yes? Tough)

Sandy at Fat Fairy Soaps did a Savon de Luxe (Deluxe soap, I guess?) and the ingredients sound fattening, but I bet the soap's gorgeous and nourishing! Should be nice to my "mature" skin.

Bridgett sure outdid my silly butt–great assortment she sent! Lemongrass Sage soap, yummy lip balm and more bath salts for my new scrubby trick! YAYYYYY!!

Kerry did several types of soap. I got Lavender and Lemongrass, another combo I really liked. Since I just got in some rockin' Bulgarian Lavender from Tina I'm gonna try it for a face soap. I love lemongrass soap for my acne–I have worse skin than I did at 16, but the Lemongrass, Tea Tree (I also make this with Peppermint instead of Lemongrass) really keeps it under control.

Paige did a scrumptious lotion in Creamy Coconut type (think it's the infamous Bath and Body Works evil empire who actually put the scent out). Nice, light and the scent is delish!

Jen at Just a Little Witchy did a body wash and I'd sure love to know what she blended THAT scent out of–I know there's a little Patchouli and some sort of Melon scent in there, but whatever it is it ROCKS!

Joan from the other side of Michigan (I think; I know she's somewhere in the state) sent two soaps–one's Pineapple Cilantro and the other's a blend she did–both rock and I can't wait to try them out.

Debbie from Cabin in the Woods sent a Tomato face soap (she added some Lime essential oil to this and the scent is magnificent–tomato but not marinara type) and a lip balm–the Tomato's getting a workout VERY soon!

Steph from Nature's Cauldron (the link's her blog; I don't have anyone's web address but will find out if someone really wants one) did one of my favorite scents, Juniper Breeze, in soap. Yummy and hidden!

Marlene made Purple Haze soap–and it's gorgeous–bright purple swirl in white soap, packed in an organza bag with sequins. The packaging's girly but that scent isn't. It'd be great for guys or girls.

Leah made Damn Dog Soap–what a hoot!! It's a dog's, um, end product, encased in a translucent soap. Smells like Snickerdoodles tho and it's already in the bathroom by the sink, just so I can giggle about it.

SuziQ made us Granita Sunrise soap–yummy yummy stuff!

MareMare made two kinds of soap; I got Herbal Mist and I'm dying to know what scent she used–I love it and would like to make a few for me (OK, I'd give Jav one too if he whined).

Karlene made Jasmine soap and lip balm–delicious smelling soap but I need to find it a home–Honey reacts badly to Jasmine. I'm keeping the lip balm tho, he can kiss my fat ass on that one.

The nice smart lady at Southern Scentiments (forgive me, I can't remember your first name) did a great-smelling confetti soap, red and green soapy bits in white white soap. Gorgeous and I wish my stuff looked this good!


I also have to say THANKS VERY VERY MUCH FOR SHARING YOURSELVES WITH ME and everyone else in the swap.


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