Kids…gotta love them

February 2, 2005 at 10:50 am (Rant Goodness)

There's been a lot of blog posts about kids, and the most recent one I read was MooCow's. In the interest of not hogging his blog space, I moved my mini-rant here instead of making all his readers suffer thru it. I know we share a few because he's nice enough to link to my page, and I thank Moo from the bottom of my Monkey Fart-fragrance-boxing heart. (Yes, Jav, that means the soap's ready)

But as usual I'm already off-track. This is about kids.

Keep in mind, this is not about others' kids. Nor is it about the cool kids of my cool friends. These exceptions have been raised to treat everyone like they'd like to be treated, raised to obey their parents, and raised to generally not be asshats.

Other people's kids, on the other hand, should be cage-trained (just like my precious little beagle-butt) and kept on leashes in public places (ditto). I'm sick to death of dirty looks because some dipshit biotch has no control over the 20 kids she brought to the damned mall and the one that ran into ME (NOT the other way around) should have been given his fucking Ritalin before coming.

My daughter, on the other hand, does not act like that. Not once have I ever had to do battle with anyone because my kid was an inconsiderate idiot. My daughter was taught that kids need to act respectfully and remember that being an obnoxious pain in the ass was not the way to win friends and influence people.

This is not to say she's never done anything wrong (I wouldn't know where to start on that subject–but remind me to post about the time she called my Mom a dickhead). I would worry if she were perfect, because to me that would mean she's not exploring her world nor is she participating in it. But screwing off for the sake of getting the attention has not been an option and I did my very best not to make it one.

Some may think it's odd that I'd compare training a dog to raising a child. I've done both and there is one thing the two have in common. The person raising the small creature has to teach it right from wrong. It's not possible to be both cute and effective all the time about this–there are times one must be very firm with both puppy and child.

Both creatures innately know that to get what they want they have to push against the boundaries set in the way. What they don't know (and learn by pushing against their boundaries and finding them solid) is that the boundaries are there precisely to give them a safe place to push themselves. Parents who don't make the boundaries firm remove the safety barrier that protects their kids as they learn how to function in this world, and that does NO one any favors. Those are the parents we get to see on reality TV like Nanny 911.

Yep, I consider that my responsibility. Notice I said my responsibility. Not a school's job, not a sitter's charge–MY responsibility. Even though I don't have my daughter living with me due to my physical condition, I do still feel teaching her is my job. Every time I talk with her I have a responsibility to her to teach her something, even if it's just that loving her means letting her know when she's right, when she's wrong, and when she's found a grey area between the two and showing her the choices she has.

I'm also not saying I'm the perfect parent. Hell, no! I don't even want to be perfect.

But I sure try to. I have to. I owe it to her.


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