Time to hunt her down part 2–Priceless

February 3, 2005 at 9:49 pm (Soaping and Knitting)

I got back about half an hour ago, and while I didn't find the person in question here, I did locate both her storefront (a real physical location) complete with her mom presiding behind the cash register.

I explained who I was, left contact info and told this nice lady the situation.

I checked my email when I got home, knowing it would be full of fellow soapers in the same spot I found myself in this morning. I have a full refund, time-stamped for minutes after I left that shop. Reading the emails I found showed that four others (as of 10 pm EDT) have gotten pending eChecks for the full amounts they paid, all rec'd after I showed up in Fowlertucky.

There's still a lot to do, but just because I'm even on the deal is no reason not to help the others (each and every one maybe not a close personal friend but still they need a break) get their refund or their goods.

Of course it will suck–it will suck dirty green donkey dicks with oozing red sores. But as far as I'm concerned, it already does.

But there's a bright side:

Finding a rockin' price on an expensive tropical butter online: $40/month
Sending PayPal payment for 5 lbs: $40.00
Discovering NO ONE has reached the woman I sent that money to: grey hair and massive anxiety.
Gas to go chase her silly ass: $10.00
Finding a PayPal refund for the total I sent the bitch: PRICELESS.

My eBay store, just for sleepless MooCow.



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