It’s Paczki Time!

February 10, 2005 at 5:13 pm (Daily Dookie)

So–what the hell's a Paczki anyhow? Check here for info on exactly what they are.

If you took that link, you know that a Paczki is a cardiac episode waiting to happen–round, lard-fried little lumps of comfort fud. Fat Tuesday is a wonderful thing in Southeastern Detroit. Polish contributions to cuisine here are headed up by this wonderful pastry.

I'll be posting little bits of things here and there as I get ready to move. Meanwhile, picture me with a dozen (custard and chocolate custard filled) of these puppies and a shitload of things to do.


Time: Later, 6:13 pm

I realize I didn't even begin to do this little diet-wrecker justice.

For those who have broken mouse fingers, paczkis are a lot like Bismarck sweet rolls. They're a yeast sweet dough, fried in pure, 100% artery-clogging lard (ignore recipes telling you to use anything else–those recipes have been perverted by the Health Nazis), filled with any one of two dozen or so delectable fillings and coated in powdered sugar, granulated sugar, cinnamon and sugar or are glazed or frosted. Calorie estimate (not exaggerated): Approximately 1100.

They're great when you have a 3-bedroom house to pack and little desire to pack it–you get so hopped up on sugar that you just have to do something.


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