Meet the Husky

February 16, 2005 at 6:20 pm (Funny Shit)

Seeing this subject on soapmaking lists and seeing part of the Westminster Dog Show on USA Network reminds me of something that happened at a show two years ago…

Balloonfest in Howell, MI has one day for folks to bring their dogs along to the fun–lots of doggie goodness with activities, some sort of contest and of course the folks next to us had a stand with handmade puppy visors and engraved tags. Being new to having dogs and just getting thru housebreaking TWO at once (don't ask, yes it sucked and I hate my cream-colored shag rugs), I loved seeing all the different breeds and I got a lot of sales during a slow show from letting people bring their fuzzybutts into the tent.

Well, a couple walked up with a gorgeous, HUGE Husky in tow! Oh, baby, I'd never seen one up close and the woman's nearly drooling because she loves handmade soap. Could I resist? Hell, no–I told her to feel free to bring the cow-that-barks in.

She did, of course, and he walked up to me–big, gorgeous eyes, fur that just begged to have fingers run thru it, soft-looking, clean-smelling, mellow, massive, solid, huge dog. I put a hand out and he sniffed, licked, then moved up close, faster than I expected….closer…until his face was an inch from mine.

Before I could even say, "Uh, he's friendly, right?" I hear gasps all around me as the dog moves in, opening his big mouth…

…and sticks a huge sloppy tongue out and lick-kisses my entire face!

I didn't even raise my hand to wipe the drool off–I was so grateful that he didn't eat my head in one gulp that I just put my arms around his thick neck and hugged, while he nuzzled my ear and slobbered on my neck, the sound of exhaled gasps and nervous laughter filling the tent.

Monster-dog and I finished the ritual meeting as his owner started making a big pile of soap to buy. Other people were suddenly very very interested in the merchandise too. That day I equalled the sales from the first two days put together–seems the crowd that assembled to see if I got mauled attracted more people, who attracted more, etc. etc etc. So the show broke even for me and I found out that huge huge dogs don't eat everything in sight.


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