Incense Supplies Buy

February 23, 2005 at 3:28 pm (Soaping and Knitting)

Hi everyone! Due to being asked very nicely by some great ladies, I’m running a pre-buy on incense-making supplies! Making your own excellent incense is not only possible, but practical and fun too! For those in business, incense, especially in the unusual and great scents we can get for soaping and candlemaking, makes an excellent sale item with a large profit margin.

Send orders and questions to

Here are the details:

Incense Supplies Buy

START: February 25, 2005
ORDERS CLOSE: March 5, 2005
ORDER PLACED: March 10, 2005
Ship time to me: 10-14 days
Pack and ship to you ASAP once I receive
Payments accepted: PayPal, money order, checks with prior approval.
SHIPPING: USPS Priority Mail will be used as much as possible to keep costs down. I will use Flat Rate boxes for order sizes that allow adequate packing protection. I will ship only bags in Flat Rate envelopes—I will NOT ship sticks this way! Do note that the sticks are somewhat fragile and I pack assuming that the Postal Service uses big gorillas for shipping staff. I do suggest insurance for these items and will be happy to accommodate those who want it. UPS will be available for large, heavy orders.
Prices and charges:
11″ Charcoal sticks 1.65/100
11″ Plain sticks 1.30/100 (5,000 minimum needed to order)
19″ Plain sticks $2.50/50 sticks $4.00/100 sticks
2X12 Zip bags $3.50/100
3X19 bags $6/100
Charcoal rolls (for burning loose incense)$3.30/roll, $28.60/10 roll box (10 rolls needed to order)
Plain burners/white inlay .60/each or $5.75/doz (1 dozen minimum to order)
19″ burners $1.25 each (1 dozen minimum to order)
Light Bulb Ring Diffusers .50/each (1 dozen minimum to order)
Hostess Fee: $2.50 to cover packaging and PayPal fees
Charcoal sticks, 19″ sticks, 2X12 and 3X19 bags will definitely be ordered, since I need to stock them myself—other items must meet a minimum for me to get at the listed prices. I reserve the right to cancel any item not meeting minimum quantities. I can make pictures available upon request.
The supplier for this buy does carry DPG but while the price is all right you’d be paying shipping twice on a very heavy item. I suggest getting DPG from one of the stellar suppliers you already know and love.
Payments MUST be in and cleared by March 9—anyone wishing to write eChecks through PayPal need to have payments in with plenty of time to clear. Any orders not paid by March 9 will be dropped from the buy.


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