And the Award for…

February 28, 2005 at 8:10 am (Pop Culture on Parade)

Folks, love means never having to take shit because you left someone out of your Oscar acceptance speech.

Robert Richardson, winner of the Best Cinematography Oscar for his work on The Aviator, mentioned only one individual during his acceptance speech. He dedicated the Oscar to his ailing mother and the fine individuals taking care of her the past 45 days.

Daaaaaaaang, this guy is GOOD! Most winners know that no matter how many million people they thank, someone will surely walk up to them afterward and ask, “Why didn’t you squeeze my name in among the millions?” Robert’s not going to run into that. With one bold stroke, he gets out of hemming and hawing about why he didn’t mention this person or that.

Sure, I’m betting there’s a lot of people who watched him last night and thought, “Well, he didn’t mention me or anyone else? Oh, my Gods/Goddesses/Prince of Darkness/whatever!” But not one soul will dare tell another one about that thought, oh no! He managed to find the only acceptable way not to thank anyone, including the Academy, for his little gold monkeyboy.

I sat and giggled like the evil little bitch that I am for a full 15 minutes.


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