Beagle’s First Diet

March 2, 2005 at 12:28 pm (Daily Dookie)

I looked at my Beagle yesterday (here's where you can look at her too). She's still got the most adorable face–limpid, expressive brown eyes, tapered little nose, soft velvet-covered face, and silken floppy ears. I scratched her right between the ears. She looked up, wheezed, tried to put her paws on my leg, succeeded, then failed to hold her weight up after 30 seconds. She tried again, repeating the whole routine but in less time. I sighed. It's time to face the fact that she weighs obscene amounts more than a Beagle should. I must put her on a diet and get her more exercise.

This is going to be difficult. We have another dog, a Flat-Coated Retriver, who is nicely proportioned. I think he's in good shape because the Beagle-pig eats more than she should, which leaves less for him. We've tried feeding them separately and they both bitch about it. She bitches because she doesn't get to eat until she bursts; he bitches because his dinner companion is missing.

We have to try this again, for everyone's good–I'm not willing to risk my dog's health because she's too stubborn to forgo pleasures of Dog Chow. The Big Dog would miss his little littermate–these two came to us as puppies, arriving within a day of each other. He'd be devastated without her. I would cry hard if I lost this little fat bundle of love. I have no idea how Honey would take it, but it wouldn't be pretty.

What would the cat do? Surprisingly, she'd be lost as well–she and the Beagle think they're packmates too. They groom each other, play together, and generally learned how they function by dive-bombing each other throughout the house. There's always been the light rivalry, but you know the bullshit is for show when you watch them curled up together.

I'll post more on how things go. I am determined there will be less Beagle to love.

I have a feeling this post should be entitled "Famous Last Words".


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