A Hell Of A Week

March 4, 2005 at 1:02 am (Daily Dookie, Soaping and Knitting, The initials are)

Note: post edited

Wow! Now that I have time to write, where the hell do I start? It's been insane here! Let's go by the day:

Last Thursday: I opened the incense buy that's been hogging blog space. My email has been loaded non-stop since! It's going great and anyone who wants some best get some!

Friday: Invoice City–above-mentioned incense buy

Saturday: Asshat chasing, featuring someone who makes me wanna gag. I will definitely write this up once it's all over, but there's a strong possibility of legal action and I would not want to jeopardize that.

Sunday: More invoicing, but relatively quiet.

Monday: The shit has hit the fan with Gag-bitch. I haven't been personally slandered, yet. Migraine aura starts late this night.

Tuesday: Housework, contemplating the Beagle Diet, more Gag-bitch shit, topped off with a full-blown migraine.

Wednesday: Repeated doses of Migraine Defense do not break the migraine. Gag-bitch is mysteriously quiet (perhaps raiding the convent?) but one of her buddies is 12 days past due on an order payment, and it turns out said buddy has lied to me, about me and about another supplier. I terminate said buddy's order, leaving me stuck with $70 in pure fragrance oil. Migraine gets worse.

Thursday: More invoices, more housework. I get served with a Mrs. Occupant notice to vacate my home of the last 5 years. Gag-bitch decides to publish an email supposedly from a major fragrance maker, stating that Dipropylene Glycol is a common fragrance component. I am certain it is a lie but must prove it and will do so Friday. The migraine goes to fuck itself and leaves me. I go grocery shopping–yayyyyyy! Gag-bitch has also gotten a new hobby–stalking. This is an error on her part. It was a good day.

Today is Friday, March 4, 2005. Incense buy orders must be in by Midnight EDT tonight. I will call the above-mentioned fragrance manufacturer to authenticate the email I have. I will send notices to the rare individual who hasn't paid her invoice. Email will take 4 hours once again, but that's ok because you're all great to me there and you make this rotten bitch smile.

It's been a hell of a week.


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