An Open Letter to (redacted name and state)

March 10, 2005 at 6:19 pm (The initials are)

Note: Post edited 

To the Gag-bitch who has little idea who's she's messed with this time:

You have fucked up. In your quest to completely trash the handmade bath and body industry, you have taken the one step that will ensure you no place online to hide. You have personally pissed me off. To quote you, posted to soapbusters Yahoo discussion list today, March 10, 2005:

"It's [Dipropylene Glycol] a solvent that is used, mostly by people who make incense. The purpose is that because fragrance is so expensive for the purposes of making incense sticks, the DPG allows a reasonable solution for makers of incense to be able to make incense affordably."

Let me explain why your ignorance is exceeded only by your false platitudes of faith.

First, you incredibly demented prevaricatrix, Dipropylene Glycol is used much more extensively than you lead your reader to believe. Go, now, look at the labels on things you didn't make. You will see that your food contains similar substances, your manufactured bath and body products contain it, and many things your sociopathic mind has no conception of have made use of this ingredient. Before you expose your complete lack of knowlege further, open a browser and do some research. You're in dire need of it.

Second, incense makers do not use DPG in order to cut manufacturing costs. I, like the many other careful, reputable craftsmen and artisans who make quality incense, use DPG in order to make BETTER incense, not CHEAPER incense. If I wanted to make cheaper incense, all I would need to do is use your fragrances, since it's well-proven that you have cut your product farther than I do for incense-making. Quality is the number one priority in my work, not profit or production cost. Improperly treated, full-strength fragrance oils produce black, soot-laden smoke, unlike the light whitish-gray smoke that well-made incense produces in the burn. I prefer to get full-strength fragrance, then treat it with the appropriate amounts of diluent to ensure that I get strong, highly-scented, clean-burning incense.

Once again you have opened your mouth before putting what's left of your untrained brain into gear. You have spoken of a matter you have NO knowlege of in a belittling and derogatory manner. In doing so, you sanctimonious cunt, you have pissed me off on a personal level. I know every single thing you have done in your five years in business, and I have been angry because you've trashed and bashed many fine men and women in the supply side of this business. My anger at your incredibly astounding ignorance has risen now that you've touched on my personal work and pride in doing it well.

I will not allow you to continue to slander and libel good people. Before you perpetrate more incredibly moronic twaddle to the rare scentcrafter unfamiliar with your campaign of evil and those who have no clue that you are the Antichrist you fear the appearance of, you psalm-singing hypocrite, I strongly suggest you and the God or Goddess of your understanding have a chat, one where you admit to both of you that you have practiced evil incarnate in all the forms Christianity lists and many that you have thought up on your own.

God might just forgive you. This open letter is notice that I will not.


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