Going out of Business and Sale

March 29, 2005 at 4:03 pm (Soaping and Knitting)

Well, looks like I’m going to have to shut down–issues involved with the move that I thought were worked out simply aren’t going to resolve themselves anytime soon. Meanwhile I’ve ordered a lot of supplies to make products with, since I thought I’d have a weekly Farmer’s Market and several very large art fairs to exhibit at.

Sooo, thank Gods for eBay–I will be listing everything I’m not keeping for making goodies for family and friends either in the store or at auction! I will keep making things like Skeeter Dope, Cherry Sandalwood, Celestial, Contraband (a new men’s scent I’m working on), MidKnight Blues…all them ones you all tell me you really like! If I missed one in the list, post it in the Comments below and I’ll make sure I stash some for you.

Oh–and Blackberry Sage? I have 1 lb up for auction on eBay, 1 listed in the Store listings and will break a third pound up for smaller purchases. Sheila Tyler–I’ve marked a spot for you to kiss. See, it’s right here…on my sweetly-scented, Goddess-proportioned, tired of your bullshit ass!

Please note there’s a method to my madness with all the links–if a buyer comes into the auction or store listings thru the Me page, the Store’s homepage, or clicks in from one of the listing URL’s, I get a discount on the listing’s costs.

If there’s anything special you’re looking for, be sure to let me know–if I have it I’ll get it to you.


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