Censorship Blows

April 7, 2005 at 11:28 pm (Rant Goodness, Soaping and Knitting)

For those who don't have any clue what Public Access TV is, it's basically the channel on your cable system that runs all the government meetings and really odd, badly-produced shit you see between runs of the TV listings. What it really is (your own chance at putting nearly anything you want on TV) is long enough for a series on this blog. The point is, it's where I truly learned the value of expressing oneself, one's right to do so, and just how many people detest the fact that the right exists at all.

It's come to my attention that I know someone in the last category. I recently posted an advertisement to a discussion list, one where many people also advertise. I seldom post my ads there, and thanks to the list management's reaction I won't be doing so again. I was asked to remove the link to this blog from the email I sent before the ad would be "approved." That link is part of an attachment that goes on EVERY email I send–there's no underhanded shit going on, it simply is there for those who want it. Those who don't want to read it don't have to come here.

My reaction? Tina, the list's owner, can kiss my royal, white, Goddess-proportioned, sweetly-scented, pampered, American, soapmaking, blogging, First-Amendment exercising ASS! I don't censor JACK SHIT, FOR Jack or anyone else on this great giddy globe.

It's her list, and she can do anything she pleases with it. She can even screw me out of the ability to post the same sorts of ads to her list that everyone else does. That is her choice, just as it is her choice to be an neo-Nazi, ass-kissing, boot-licking sycophant. I do not have to like it. I certainly will not keep quiet about it. Most of all, I won't be supporting it with my money by ordering from her ever again or by recommending others buy anything from her either.

If I wanted to whore myself out in any way, Eight Mile is not far from my Greater Detroit Metro area home. I'll gladly provide directions to anyone who wants to be an honest prostitute rather than suck a demented prevaricatrix's ass for the sake of money.

ADDENDUM: As expected, I've been terminated from the list in question. I have also been terminated with extreme prejudice (color me sooooo surprised) from another, supposedly impartial supplier evaluation list. In addition, I've been threatened with legal action for libel and/or slander. Whatever.


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