Holy Crap I’m FULL!

April 8, 2005 at 8:53 pm (Daily Dookie)

I had a nice night out tonight–after all the aggravation this week, I suggested to Honey that if he used any Curling expression ONE MORE TIME he was taking my ass out for Chinese.

Silly man thought I was joking. We went to Gourmet Garden in Brighton for supper.

I was highly impressed–beautiful place! Nice decor, very elegantly set table, highly attentive staff! We ordered things we weren’t sure would serve well on takeout packing–Sizzling Seafood Stuffyerface and Gourmet Hot Pot Stuffyerface. I did have the one drink a year I have and Honey had a rare beer too. Ain’t we just a par-tay couple?

Near the end of the meal, I explained to the waitress that we normally ordered delivery, but since we’re moving we wanted to eat in once because we love their food. She and I chatted a bit, with her making sure we knew to come back (like I EVER forget a good Chinese restaurant) if we get a chance. A few minutes later, she came back and told us that our drinks were on the house and be sure to stop in if we got a chance after the move.

We will. Honey’s sure to bring up more Canadian Gay Porn references. The season’s not over yet.


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