Did I stutter?

April 26, 2005 at 10:41 pm (Daily Dookie)

I'm still wondering what drug that ER doc I just saw is on.

I tell this fool everything he wants to know. He asks his questions, including "What works to stop your migraines?" I could have sworn I answered in English–it's the only language I know well enough to answer him in. While I do speak just enough Spanish to piss off native speakers of the language, I don't use it much. So I know I told this waste of a doctorate that what he kept wanting to give me wouldn't work. I'm finally voted down, mostly because he's in charge and I'm just the shithead who pays the bill. I'm medicated and sent home.

I am still in pain and still seeing silly patterns, lights, and of course barfing my brains out. I may have stuttered, so this just might be my fault. According to him, it probably is. We'll find out when I go verbally kick his ass here in a bit.


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