Where You At?

May 3, 2005 at 7:57 pm (Daily Dookie)

Well, I finally gave in to the pressure–mostly the pressure of having to cut off the land line sooner or later. I got a cell phone.I've been puzzling it over for awhile.

I was getting pretty annoyed with our land line company. I was sick of calling for assistance with crap they did, only to be told, "Well, you owe X so you have to pay that before we'll fix your service." Yes, I had to pay for service I hadn't even been BILLED for yet to get to use the service they insisted I pay for before I could get it to work right! S***nt SUCKS. So I've cheerfully told them to kiss my pink, puckered, pretty, pornographic, post-childbearing, poshly-scented ASS and got a cell phone as my primary phone.

I've been having fun so far–I've activated it, put a nice chunk of minutes on, played Tetris, and made Beow0l|= call me so I could hear my ringtone. Guesses as to what I got for my first ringtone can go in the comments.


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