The Bitch is Back!

May 9, 2005 at 9:44 am (Hellos and Goodbyes)

Well, the exile from the Internet is nearly over–this computer is online on the new cable connection and the others will be as well once I puzzle out the router, which will hopefully be tonight. The last several days have totally sucked except for the bright spot of my future mother in law and Garand, my future brother in law–both have been stellar (yeah, I actually use that word, which inspired this art (look for Serra's prize) from Stephen at RCBC.

Well, after posting yesterday, I was told my desk was coming in the house but wouldn't be set up. Half an hour later there are two sweaty men setting the desk up! Nice! I can get behind this…Honey was one of the guys so that's not a hard thing to watch…men working…

Once they finished, of course I just had to get my happy ass in gear and get the cable modem working on one computer so I could get the others online as well–that should happen as soon as I find a driver for Garand's NIC card–trouble is, Dude has a Dell and I know little about them, so it'll be, um, enlightening trying to make it go vroom.

Posting's still going to be spotty but I'll put in some extra time once my shit's back together.


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