Beer Cheese Soup

May 15, 2005 at 6:18 pm (Daily Dookie)

Well, Honey's mom decided that soup sounded good, which got Honey started on my Beer Cheese Soup, which led to my least favorite kitchen activity–cooking. You see, I make this incredibly wicked Beer Cheese Soup. It's not why Honey asked me to marry him, but he says it made him feel better about the decision. Agape posted my recipe somewhere on her website, but actually it tends to change depending on what's in the fridge and what I decide to go get to put in it. Since I'm not sure she wants me to post the link, I'll let her do it in the comments. Uh, Gapey? HINT!

Today's version isn't quite finished yet–it may yet wind up with some chicken breast in it or some sausage. Depends on the house vote when Garand gets home. Everyone's sampled it–Honey's mom loves it and is plotting to make me do it again. Honey, when asked about today's version, grunted approval while shoveling and is currently valiantly trying to restrain himself from eating it all before Garand gets home.

Garand? He's due home in about 5 minutes, so we'll have the verdict in then.

Me? Hell, I'm hoping I beat Honey to the pot so I get another cup before it's gone!


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