Crap! They Did It Again

May 16, 2005 at 9:19 pm (The Enlightening Ones)

Yeah, they did it again.

Honey's Mom took out chicken breasts to thaw for supper, leading to the invariably disturbing question, "So–how do you guys want these cooked for supper?" Garand's vote was for fried chicken, Honey went along, but H'sMa said she didn't remember the recipe. I thought about it a moment, puzzling over the need for a recipe for good ol' fried chicken, and sighed.

I was trapped–I knew it! I gave in to the inevitable one more time. "I can fry those, H'sMa."

My back's been bitching like Ike Turner crowned me Tina For A Day, but I did it–supper's done, all chicken is mysteriously gone, and the only evidence left that I actually used a kitchen for its intended purpose is the light scent of a Southern cook's fried chicken, some oil in a frying pan, and a smear of cheddar-sour cream sauce from the Og Rotten potatoes made on the side.

Oh–I forgot the martini olives I stuck on the plates, mostly to excuse me standing over the chicken nibbling them out of the jar. They're the ones that have gin added to the brine, and they're heavenly even if you think martinis are a mean thing to do to either vodka or gin.


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