Oh HELL No, Part 1

May 18, 2005 at 4:52 pm (Rant Goodness)

Here in my new surroundings, I'm finding myself a little bit disoriented. The nearest Meijer (think Super WalMart, KMart, TargetBoutique) is now about 10 miles away, while the enemy WalMart is less than a mile. Guess where I'm stuck doing junk food runs? I'm not happy about supporting these folks in spite of the low low prices. I'd prefer to patronize an ethical store chain. The problem here is that my car still needs a muffler, so since I have to bum rides I need to be considerate of how far I'm asking someone to go.

While the junk food's pretty decently priced, I still won't be picking up many many many of my daily needs, cheap or no. And I certainly won't be popping for the one "Oh, HELL no!" item that caught my eye last night. I had NO clue that WalMart had gone into the Internet business. Certainly I knew they had a website; I did not know that they also ran an ISP. As I said, Oh, HELL no! Not even at $10 a month do I entrust my access to what I need online to a company whose become known for cutthroat competition at the expense of quality, service, and human decency.

Soon as I'm in a position to be paying gas money when I need to go places or get my car fixed, I'm going back to patronizing businesses that support and appreciate those around them.


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