May 19, 2005 at 8:47 am (WTF)

I've seen this topic on other blogs, but until I peeked at my hit stats this morning I'd pretty much come out unscathed. I hadn't had "Grandma **** *** with a dog" or "sit on my bad boy face" hits coming from search engines before sometime yesterday. But sure as lye makes soap I do now! Here's a sampling:

"back door bitches" Now this one sort of makes sense but that particular string doesn't appear anywhere in the whole damned blog. The Back Door is the name of a gay bar I used to work at, and there's a couple posts on that topic, but I think the word "bitches" appears just the once."pussy fifi" While my daughter's father and ex-asshat Fifi is indeed a pussy, I know I didn't call him that in the two posts that mention his worthless ass.

"sex and monoi oil" I have a feeling this one is my own fault–we soapmakers sometimes arrange group swaps, where we make one of something for every person in the swap, send it all to a central insane soaper, who then sorts so that everyone gets one of each item sent in, then sends all the goodies back to us addicts. I suggested a "Hot and Sexy" swap for a discussion group I help moderate on Yahell, so this could very well be my own doing.

"peeping tom groom in bed" I have NO fucking IDEA where this one came from.

"back door sluts" See "back door bitches" above.

"bath products like dirty bitch" Anyone ever heard of this? In this day and age this could very well be a legitimate line of bath products.

Yes, I know, I'm still getting off pretty light–no "Paris Hilton bleached my asshole" or "Granny Tranny Bukkake" hits. But I have a feeling that day isn't far off.Blick.


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