Oh, HELL yes!

May 21, 2005 at 9:41 am (WTF)

Garand came home last night with an interesting bit of news: Netflix is taking over Walmart's attempts at an online DVD rental service. YAYYYY! Hel*Mouth bit the dust on trying to run someone out of business! I don't normally truly wish anyone ill, but after watching good firms go out of business over Hel*Mouth's shoddy business practices, it's nice to see nice guys finish first.

Details are available in the link, but the Cliff's Notes version is that Hel*Mouth is allowing Netflix to service the existing customers, allowing the customers to keep their memberships at the low low price they have now. Meanwhile, Netflix is "reminding" its customers that they can buy their favorite DVD's at low low prices. Wonder if Netflix is going to also "remind" those folks that this doesn't apply to anything Hel*Mouth's censorship policies don't allow them to sell?

Enlightening side note: http://www.walmartsucks.org is currently suspended by AT&T. The explanation on the page is that the site is under investigation for "abuse."


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