Biskie’s First Concert

May 23, 2005 at 9:08 pm (Funny Shit)

I knew she’d do it. I knew that if anyone’s kid in the entire 400-student school did it, mine would be the one.

The Christmas concert was Biskie’s first time singing in public. She was in kindergarten, and I knew in spite of all the hours I’d spent working for the local Public Access channel taping concerts just like it that I’d be all “ooh” and “ahh” and “Oh, wow, she’s SOOOO CUTE!” I hated taping those things–it just drove me bats to stand there and do it, but since my little girl was one of the kids it really changed my outlook.

I found myself a seat early–I knew how big Eau Claire Memorial’s auditorium was, knew how many parents and grands per child were likely to need seats, and I was damned if I was going to miss her first concert just because I had to stand up thru the whole damned thing (which I knew my back would not put up with). I got there early and got a nice seat. Fifi got there just before the concert started and I could see him squatting in the aisle about 20 rows back. Dumbass.

As the six combined kindergarten classes filed in, I caught sight of my adorable one–dressed in a beautiful green and cream dress, ivory tights and ivory shoes with gold-colored detailing. I caught my breath, not exhaling until everyone was lined up, Biskie smiling shyly in the front row. So far, so good. Oh, my Gods, she looked so adorable as they all fidgeted and talked and waved at the audience and my darling adorable daughter grabbed the hem of that beautiful jade green skirt and hiked it right up over her little blonde head.

I just sat there in the darkened auditorium, not participating in the giggles. The mom next to me leaned over and said, “She’s yours, isn’t she?” She knew why I wasn’t giggling. I’d already had my giggles over the thought of her doing something so potentially embarrassing. I turned to the other mother, smiled, nodded, and giggled just a little to let her know I wasn’t about to explode on the spot and could just enjoy my daughter.

Yep, I’d had that giggle. Actually had a full-blown fit of laughter, the whole time I combed the little girls’ section of the store I got that beautiful dress in, looking for a pair of tights that would be just perfect for a gorgeous, elfin little Biskie.


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