An Open Letter…

June 6, 2005 at 12:39 am (Rant Goodness)

…to the fucking CRACKHEAD that designed the interchanges near Madison, Wisconsin.

1. Your mother drank while pregnant with you, causing your delusions of usefulness.

2. Your father was a roomful of homemade LSD-ingesting frat boys who fucked up the formula when they made it, resulting in a deadly mutation that your abortion poster-child ass somehow survived.

3. Both of them should have had enough sense not to bring you into the fucking world.

4. I don't know what misbegotten Cracker Jack box your engineering degree came out of, and I don't care–just do the Midwest a favor and put it the fuck BACK.

5. While you're at it, always remember that you suck dirty green donkey dicks with pustulent red sores, incurable by any known medical science and hopefully preventing you from reproducing your mutated species.

6. If by some deluded chance you decide I'm joking here (and be assured that I am NOT) and dare to design again, at least have the COMMON GOD-DAMNED SENSE to put a fucking GAS STATION in the area!

That is all.


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