Top 10 Reasons

June 6, 2005 at 8:50 pm (Daily Dookie)

Here's the Top 10 Reasons that There's No Place Like Home:

1. I'm wearing my #4 Green Bay Packers jersey and no one's giving me funny looks.

2. My mommy made potato salad, homemade apple pie, sloppy joes, hot beefs, refrigerator pickles, and special-ordered the best hamburger buns on the planet.

3. She made enough of this to feed half a dozen people for 5 days. Looking around me, counting…Yep, that'll do it, but I'm hiding the pie.

4. Beow0l='s here!

5. He's assembling my new CPU, complete with monster (to me) hard drive, new CD-RW, new OS, faster chips and, best of all, a sound card that works so I can hear VegasGustan's audio blogging. (And while I have your attention, go see him and encourage him to start blogging again, willya? He's really good and I'm a selfish bitch and don't want him to stop).

6. I think he bought me a copy of City of Heroes too (I know he was looking at one, but not sure if it went in the cart).

7. He also brought me Ghiradelli's Sweet Ground Chocolate, 2 cans.

8. He threw in a jar of Raspberry White Chocolate P.B. Loco! Freakin' SWEET!

9. Honey's here with me to help me limp my fucked-up self into the bedroom regularly, among all the other myriad ways he loves me.

10. I finally met my brand new sister-in-law. She's sweet as hell and my brother Ghost (not to be confused with BeoBoJavBoBeoJav) does not deserve her. I haven't decided what to call her here yet–suggestions welcome.

I can't say which is best, which is why the list isn't in the usual descending order. All make a trip made from necessity a wonderful thing.


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