A (thousand) Little Piece(s) of Home

June 11, 2005 at 8:13 pm (Daily Dookie)

I heart Milwaukee's Pickles.

It's a brand I find nearly everywhere in Wisconsin. In Michigan, I only find it either in a gourmet grocery store or in the gourmet section of a higher-priced store. Asshats–I can't touch a jar of nummy, vinegary goodness in this state for under $4 per jar. I found them on sale at the grocery store my mom buys her everyday fud at for $2.00 a jar for the dills, kosher dills and baby dills, $2.79 for the bread and butter pickle slices.

I brought home five jars.

Yep, I'm a dipshit. But I'm a dipshit munching on a bowlful of the best bread and butter pickles you can buy.


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