Lovely Radar

June 11, 2005 at 10:56 am (Pop Culture on Parade)

I'd walked off without any part of my refurbishment-in-progress CD collection in tow for my trip to Wisconsin, so Honey and I were reliant on radio (sorry, no XM or Sirius yet) for tunes during the 10 hour trip. While this is touchy in spots, there are times it's not bad. Chicago provides good good tune-age with the Loop, the Zone, and the Drive. Wisconsin Rapids has a great classic rock radio station as well, WGLX. We did have one CD in the car, a compilation with people like The Doobie Brothers, Foghat, Foreigner and other middle-of-the-road and easy rock greats.

As we were driving down, I shared my Radar Theory, which states that on any trip between Detroit and most points in Wisconsin, one will be required to listen to one of the best road trip songs ever recorded, Radar Love by Golden Earring at least once. He laughed like I was just talking thru my ass or blogging or some inane shit.

I wasn't kidding. For those who don't know, Honey is a Southeastern Michigan native. I was born and raised in various parts of Wisconsin, and lived there all my adult life until relocating here in 2000. Given the long-distance nature of my dating relationship with Honey, this meant someone was traveling 600 miles one way for DATES. True that those dates were worth every toll on the Illinois Toll Road, but they get PAINFULLY damned long when you're all alone in a Geo Metro booking down I-94 for ten hours.

After a few trips, I noticed something. While driving to go see my honey (or coming back from seeing same), at least ONCE every trip the song Radar Love came on the radio. On many trips it was more often–one trip featured that particular song FOUR times! I love the song, and it caught my attention because it was the one song that really fit as a theme song for the trips. Hence, the Radar Theory.

Well, it didn't come on at all on the way over to Merrill. Not once. Honey continued to assume I was sniffing exhaust fumes and I spent part of the trip trying to convince him that Hel*Mouth was NOT the best location to take Baby for servicing such touchy things as threats to health and safety.

Then, just east of Howell, MI, when we were almost home, I was vindicated. The radio started playing that forgotten song. Brenda Lee's comin' on strong…

All I said was, "Radar Love"

Honey looked over, remembering the conversation we'd had on the way over to my Mommy's house. He was silent a moment, then nodded and reminded me of what I'd said. I nodded, grinned and just sat there, car-dancing and singing along.


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