Can I Just Lock Them In the Garage?

June 16, 2005 at 2:46 pm (The Enlightening Ones)

Don't get me wrong, I love Honey. I love H'sMa. Garand's a very good guy. But today they are all yelling their heads off on a minimum of SIX subjects, all at once, while wandering around the house.

I'm actually trying to get work done here. I'm trying to salvage the old hard drive and save just the pertinent shit to the new one. I'm trying to get out of buying a new digital camera–I have the drivers for the old one but 'tis giving me grevious shit as I try to install them, run them and actually make the camera spit me some eBay pics for the yummy new oils I just got in today. I'm trying to recover every single formula I've developed for bath and body products. Those are trapped in the old hard drive, and the database doesn't want to spew them directly from one version of itself to the other.

Meanwhile, the nagging is at fever-pitch, both the nag-ees are yelling back while at the same time plotting the logistics of getting one of the computers upstairs so the third one can be set up and networked, they're arguing over where to drill the hole, what to drill it with, which drill motor to use, who's going to stand where and…and…

BLEAH! I have completely had it! I'm going upstairs and watching a DVD and knitting.


It's two hours later. The house is quiet. Garand has gone to watch a DVD as well, and Honey and H'sMa have just returned from the store. Honey brought me strawberry cheesecake strudel bites, thereby saving the lives of all.

Smart man.

Smart man.


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