Nips–A Beautiful Thing

June 21, 2005 at 9:47 am (Funny Shit)

I've grown really attached to my Nips over the years.

I thought they were just wonderful when I first found them, oh so many years ago. They were so elegant, so pretty, just perched there, waiting for eyes to fall on them with love and hunger. They themselves were hidden by stiff packaging, true, but underneath the thick exterior all knew the interior held something sweet…something unique…something wonderful.

It takes a gentle hand to unwrap them, and once unwrapped, they sit there, moving as the unwrapping hand does, awaiting a look…a touch…and…finally…a gentle set of lips to claim them. Once claimed, they feel soft yet hard–their perkiness giving forth the sweetness sought with only the gentle urging of a suckling mouth.

I even slipped one into my coffee this morning–ooh, heaven!


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