Well, we didn’t pull it off

June 23, 2005 at 3:27 pm (Daily Dookie)

The news I've had a lid on for the past couple days is that Honey and I were going to Ohio, Land of the No-Wait Marriage, to get married today.

However, due to a problem with my driver's license (I am waiting for MI to send my picture license; meanwhile the temp license I was told was "just as good" wasn't) Ohio wouldn't allow us to get married.

We're looking at a way to pull this off before he has to leave, but we probably will not manage it.

While I'm mad, upset and tempted to return tomorrow with Mausers and Garands in tow, it probably wouldn't be legal to hold an Ohio judge hostage until we say "I do." Besides, if the courthouse workers are as rude, nasty, lazy and generally shitty to deal with as the ones we ran into, the jailers probably won't like me either.

For now, we're going to do some more checking so we can do this for sure at first opportunity.

Please don't be sad for us–we simply wanted to move up an event we'd intended to celebrate all along. So please, no need for sympathetic comments, much as I know many of you will want to leave them.


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