Retro or Just Plain Ancient

June 30, 2005 at 8:25 am (Pop Culture on Parade)

I remember Pong. I used to stand at the machine, sliding quarter after quarter down its hungry slot, eager for the chance to bat that little ball of light around a TV screen. My brother and I wanted an Atari system in the worst way. I had a blast in the computer lab when someone brought in a copy of Space Invaders, ripped off from the chip in the cartridge.

I was mad as hell four years ago, when I found my Super Nintendo platform lying on the basement floor, Akita teeth marks ravaging both it, the controllers and the game left in the slot. Once again, the Roommate from The Bottom of a Bottle strikes, leaving theft and destruction in his wake. It turns out that he'd dug thru the things I still had boxed in a closet, found the game, set it up (all without bothering to ask me) and then told his girlfriend that it was HIS game! He'd tried something similar with my videotapes; unfortunately he didn't realize that I'd marked them.

So, thanks to Blockbuster's policy of trading in old systems for new, I have a like-new Super Nintendo once again. I do still have several games for it, but I wanted a new one to run since I knew some of the old ones may not work (Gods only know what the little Jack-sucking shitferbrains did to those). I bought one on eBay.

It's going to be fun playing Space Invaders again.


SSS's note: This post is link-heavy because I realize just how old all this is and how old many of the folks reading this aren't. Check the links to really see what I'm talking about if you're saying "whut?" all the way thru it. You can actually play the original Space Invaders at the link to it above.


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