I’m a Sickie

July 13, 2005 at 7:32 pm (Daily Dookie)

"But you're just a sickie…giggle giggle snork…"

The above is one of my mom's favorite jokes, only said in jest and fun. But oh, gee, sometimes it truly applies. This is one of those times, because I'm about to wear a phrase out.

I ~heart~ my Zippo.

There! I said it!

It's true–I do truly love my Zippo. Its wind-defying flame has lit my way thru more than one unfamiliar, dark house. It's been FAR too handy for a million and one uses, ranging from lighting my cigarettes to torching that stray sweater thread before it unravels and I lose millions in "don't go out in pubic with just a bra on for the love of Dog" to causing a little black stick to bloom into a complex bouquet of scent just in time to sell someone a crapload of them.

I ~heart~ my Zippo. I actually ~heart~ both my Zippos. I have two, you see, both gifts. I have a small brass model with a rose engraved on the face, reminding me that my Honey loves me so much that when my elegant little gold Collibri bit the dust two weeks after I purchased it, he wanted to be certain I was never let down again. The second lighter (the one I use most days) is a POW-MIA lighter that was a gift from my father, made a couple months before I moved to Michigan. The brass one needed some work and wasn't lighting my fire 100% of the time, so Dad gave me one that would.

I just realized something–even tho it seems I've had both my Zippos forever, neither has been used to begin combustion of an illegal substance. I don't think about it often, but I've put together nearly 14 years of "One Days" after a much longer period of not being able to go longer than One Day. Some days that makes me feel good. Other days it just makes me feel old.

As you see, I have reason to ~heart~ my Zippos. Many, many more reasons than I think you want to be stuck here reading about. So, let's just leave it at "I ~heart~ my Zippos."

Except right now.

Fucker just came up empty. Again. As much as I ~heart~ my Zippos, they do occasionally piss me off, just like nearly everything in the Universe.

I told you–I'm just a sickie.


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