You Don’t Miss It Til It’s Gone

July 16, 2005 at 9:46 am (Daily Dookie)

Thursday ended the drought. That day put an end to the pestilence of being stuck with only network television. We finally got satellite TV hooked up in our bedroom.

Maybe this isn't a big deal, especially considering there's satellite in two other rooms in the house. The catch is that both those TV's have folks in front of them, with their own full TV-watching schedules, leaving no room for me to plop myself down in front of either one and say, "Now, where's my Aqua Teen Hunger Force?"

I don't watch much television. I do like my WWE on Mondays and Thursdays, anime when I can get it, and Action often carries them old, badly-dubbed martial arts movies I love so much. That reminds me–if you get a chance to watch the first (oldest) Drunken Master, the one made in Hong Kong, take it! It's funnier than the remake. It's nice, however, to be able to flop when I'm hurting and pig out on Food TV and those good, old, sitcoms.

Direct TV also has BBC America, making for more Python opportunies as well.

All in all, I have one thing to say about having access to decent TV whenever I want to go lounge in the only air-conditioned room in the house.

Putting on my Kermit the Frog arms and standing at the corner of the monitor, ala The Muppet Show guest introductions…


And now, just for shits and grins,

DANCIN' MEATWAD! Just click the boombox to make him boogie.


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