It Can Only Get Better, Right?

August 25, 2005 at 1:55 pm (Daily Dookie)

It's been a shithole of a year here. I've tried not to blog about it, but something tells me the pain in my tummy is partially the result of trying to play nice. That "something" is the fresh flashes of said pain each time something else adds to the pile of shit that is my life. Even so, I'm trying not to load it on the blog, because if you all want to be depressed, I'm sure you can fill a blog of your own with your personal troubles and wouldn't come here just to read mine.

That said, even tho I still can't get enough counter space to make anything (piss me off piss me off) something might happen that'll be great! Honey's talking about a Labor Day excursion to the Renaissance Festival in Holly. We used to go every year, when we had money to play on and a little more flexibility in the financial picture, but since he lost his engineering job and especially since we lost the house, there's been absolutely no way to even figure on our yearly trip as my birthday present.

This year, however, Honey is sure he can manage it for Labor Day weekend. He usually gets holidays off, money looks promising with all the hours he's putting in, and it'd be really nice to do it. I'm trying hard not to get excited about it–if it falls thru after I get my hopes up, I'd be feeling worse than I already do. It's hard not to get excited, though.

Wish me luck!


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