Fer Crying Out Loud

August 30, 2005 at 11:56 am (The Enlightening Ones)

It's Tuesday, and the day's off to an annoying start:

  • The daily bitching has already gone into full gear. It seems that the well's water tank needs more air and the one person who's ever put air in a well water tank will not even look at it. Instead he's upstairs doing whatever his strange ass does, while Honey is down attempting to mess with it while H'sMa rags and nags from up here.
  • I thought I heard a jet landing behind the house. It turns out that it's only the biggest riding lawnmower I've ever seen, driven by one of the drunks next door. It's big enough to chew up both of their kick-me dogs (the little shit factories that think their own lawn is too good to poo on) so there's always hope for the hopelessly lawn-addicted.
  • I'm pretty much fenced into the computer area thanks to Honey leaving things I can't move on my own behind my chair while he tinkers with the above well. I don't dare try to move the chair because sure as shit someone will bitch about it.
  • The beagle goes to the vet's today–she broke off a dewclaw back in June and it's curling and growing into the pad of her paw. Yay, since she hates car rides with a passion and will pee all over me during the fun trip there and back. Yippee.
  • I'd dearly love to get some food, but since the dishwasher isn't a built-in model and it's running, I can't reach anything but coffee, which I've had my limit of already.

And it's just barely noon…


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