Less Fun

August 30, 2005 at 4:21 pm (Daily Dookie)

Well, we're back from the vet's, with one freaked-out beagle, complete with e-collar (e for extended–if you think that means the little cone jobbie, you're right) and antibiotics. It seems the dewclaw she'd broken off had grown back in a circle and attempted to go back in the space it came out of. That combined with incessant licking produced a gross little abscess. Fortunately we caught the abscess early, so once the dewclaw was taken out and flushed, we have her home until her recheck in three days.

Meanwhile, we get to see how she takes pills, twice a day, with a peroxide rinse daily. I took pics but my camera is acting schitzophrenically, so I'll post a pic when it behaves again.

No, not of the abscess, just the wacko-looking cone on her dippy little head.

Gee, you're twisted.

UPDATE: The cheese trick both ESC and Celti were kind enough to leave in the Comments section of this post worked like a charm! I wadded the pill up in half a piece of plastic cheese and held it out to her. She sniffed, then chowed! So the beaglet will get her pills no problem. That's good because Honey didn't want to blow in her little nose because her sense of smell is so sensitive.

UPDATE: She's having trouble eating and drinking because of the cone on her head, so we're hand-feeding and giving her water in a cup she can stick her snoot in. She's doing well and I'll get a better look at her paw when I clean it this morning.


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