Scoop That Poop

August 31, 2005 at 9:40 am (Daily Dookie, WTF)

While I don’t expect a vet’s office to be absolutely perfect, I sorta do expect not to see gobs of shit in the parking lot. That’s what I saw when we took the Beaglet in for her paw yesterday. No sooner did I step out of the car after Honey got the Beaglet off my lap (thirty-three POUNDS of Beaglet–no wonder I felt like someone beat me up) than I saw them. Three moderately-sized logs.
Nice. Who in hell doesn’t clean up after their dogs? The one time one of my dogs crapped at the vet (right on the welcome mat, no less!) I was mortified and got right on removing the offal! What is wrong with folks? It would have taken only a moment to just grab something paper and flip it out into the grass.

While we were waiting for Dani to have her dewclaw removed, Honey and I decided to take turns catching a smoke. I went first, and sat in the car to make using the ashtray handy. I stepped carefully around the small pile by the car door, making note to miss it on the way out.

Ten minutes later, I got out of the car, took a couple steps, and WHAM! Sliiiiiiiiiiiiide on what I thought was bare asphalt. It’s times like these having little feeling in my left foot works against me–I didn’t hit the pavement, but the wrench from my foot moving out from under me in an unplanned event didn’t do my already-aching back any good.

I spent the rest of the trip back to the exam room dragging my foot in an effort to remove the poo. Fortunately, by the time I got back, the Beaglet was almost ready to go, complete with Victrola horn over her little monkey head.

Honey didn’t say a word, fortunately. He’s such a smart man–he had to have known who stomped right into that doggielog but said absolutely nothing.

Nice man. Nice man.


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