Why There’s No Katrina Rant Here

September 2, 2005 at 7:41 pm (Pop Culture on Parade)

I never thought it was possible to say this, but I have too much in my head. Too much destruction. Too much devastation. Too much disgust with the way our Government is handling the damage from Katrina, the fact that they were completely aware of the likelihood of a devastating tragedy in New Orleans, the fact that our President sat on his stoopid fat ass while babies died of dehydration in the Superdome. The whole. fucking. thing.

I've considered more personally open posts on the subject, especially as I read the tons of wonderful writing I'm seeing on all your blogs. There's two reasons I haven't joined the throng. Above is reason number one: There's just so much shit about the whole thing that pisses me off. I wouldn't know where to start blogging anything I'm feeling right now.

Reason number two has also come up on blogs: Everyone's getting numb from seeing all the gory details available on the disaster in New Orleans. Not numb as in "Who gives a fuck?" but numb as in "I've been watching devastation and floating dead bodies for six days–I can't do it anymore." I got overloaded early–I take the doses I can handle, bit by bit, that I find here online. I'm purposely not watching the mainstream television news–this is so fucking awful that sensationalized versions just make matters worse.

So–in the interest of "And now for something completely different" I'm going to say a few things once and let those better able to write say what I feel, because I'm not alone here.

1. Katrina's a foul, larcenous, lying, cruel whore.

2. Our national government not only contributed to the severity of the damage by pulling ACE funding during the Iraq war, they've further contributed to the devastation by sitting on their joint and several hands in getting aid to those who need it. They should be beaten severely about the head and shoulders for doing so.

3. I've mostly heard from the folks I know in LA, with two exceptions–a chat buddy in Lake Charles (Lynn–if you're out there, FUCKING ICQ ME BITCH!) and Cajun Soaper (location uncertain). I pray for both these folks and would love to hear from them if they're reading.

4. I don't have a lot, but what I can spare is going–I have a soaper bud in Minden, LA, who is able to take "things" (versus the "money" contributions that while also needed, are in short supply to a woman on disability) to refugee shelters in her immediate area. I'm digging out the crap piles of soap I have here and packing a box.

5. Anyone who ever does the MyPoints.com thing–you can make Red Cross donations with as little as 500 points thru the website. I donated every point I have on hand, a considerable pile that I normally only touch at Christmas.

If I continue, this will turn into the post that I don't want it to. Instead I'm going looking for the nuttiest shit I can find and will blog with/about/on that this weekend, in an effort to provide somewhere to look when there's the inevitable need for a mental break.

Stay tuned, folks.


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