I really hate to say…

September 4, 2005 at 7:24 pm (Daily Dookie, Your Psychic Fiend)

…I told you so, but I did. I told you all that I shouldn't get my hopes up about the trip to the Renaissance Festival today. I told you here. Anyone having doubts about a part of me being Your Psychic Fiend can fucking forget them now, because we didn't go to RenFest today.

You heard me. We did not go today.

Nope. Someone who was supposed to be working today called in. If she hadn't had as good an excuse as she did, I'd have to beat her ass. She did have a good one tho–she'd been in a minor car accident. While she wasn't seriously hurt, the banging and bruising made her call in today, which means that instead of getting to go see Ded Bob and feast on Scotch Eggs and mead, I got to kiss Honey goodbye and tell him to have a (grr) nice day at work.

I feel bad being at all mad about it, but I have not left this stoopid house except to go to Hel*Mouth in over a month and I'm getting sick of it. Someone else is bound to get banged up (by my cranky ass) if I don't get some R&R. The other reason anyone is still alive in the aftermath is that due to the Labor Day holiday, RenFest runs tomorrow as well.

Pulling out a sharpening stone, the other hand snicking open my switchblade…schwipe….schwipe…

What am I doing? Oh, preparing to cut the main phone line about 6 am tomorrow. No one at Honey's work is scheduled to work, but I just want to be sure no one fucks it up again. You understand, don't you? We've already bought the tickets, you see, and we got gas while the getting was good, so we're all set to split and it'd be a shame if someone spoiled that…a shame indeed…Valium? Thanks–don't mind if I do.

Uh…you can put away the straightjacket–that's really not necessary…


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