Rule One: Pay Attention

September 7, 2005 at 1:45 pm (Daily Dookie)

Since I feel 80% of normal after the huge hike I took Monday at RenFest, it's time to blog a little about it. It just did me too much good to go play for awhile–the nervous tic in my left eye departed, I feel more relaxed, and I have lots of smelly-goods to hold me until I can make my own again!

I don't quite know where to start, so I guess I'll start with the food. The Scotch Eggs, according to Honey, weren't quite up to par with mine, but what is? I rock, he knows it, and all he needs to do to get me to make more of my awesome Scotch Eggies is to provide me with suitable snausage, which only comes either from John E. Kolbasz or Marv's Meat Market, and suitable amounts of ass-smootchies! I had tato skins, which were absolutely awesome and a HUGE portion for the $3.50 I was required to part with. Ahh–redolent in heaps of cheese sauce, bacon, sour cream and fresh fresh chives! I couldn't eat all mine–I wound up splitting them with Honey, half for each of us. I thought that was fair because he bought the mead.

Yep, I had mead. It's one of the rare times in a year that I take an alcoholic drink. Mead's a wunnerful honey wine, sweet, sweet but refreshing! It's hard to find in stores but if you do find it, chill the hell out of it and enjoy! It's definitely a dessert wine but without the cloying, musky overtones you find in wines like Sauternes. It did go a little way to quenching the thirst, but this stuff had more of a kick than I remembered. I'm definitely a cheap drunk, because halfway thru my glass I was already feeling it! Honey felt his once he'd finished his glass–I've ruined the man, me and my low-alcoholic ways!

And, I brought home tea. Zanzibar Chai to be exact–I don't see "black tea" on the ingredient list and unfortunately I don't see a damned business name either, which ticks me off because I like these folks' stuff. I usually pick up an herb or two that I can't get elsewhere, and this year I got the tea plus a bar of Peppermint soap, complete with peppermint herb ground into the bar! It smells great and since I never get a spare bar when I make peppermint soap myself (it usually either sells out or I give whatever bar I tried to hoard to someone more deserving), I bought me one, for less than I'd retail mine for–$3.50. If whoever at Hollygrove I got this bar from happens to wander by, email me and tell me who you be? Thanks.

I'll post more later so that I don't overloads ya'll.


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