Soapers Take Your Marks

September 8, 2005 at 8:15 pm (Soaping and Knitting)

I know I said I wouldn't be putting business on this blog, but I do have a little bit of word that I want to get out, so it's going on both blogs.

The company that makes Red Devil Lye has discontinued it. What is in the stores now is all the company has–they are no longer making this product! If you make soap and count on getting Red Devil at the grocery store, now is the time to go clean them puppies out.

I do have the number for the manufacturer, for those who wish to raise hell and complain. I'll put it on the other blog so as not to bore those here.

I just got back from cleaning out one store (Note: The Brighton, MI Meijer store doesn't have any in stock tonight…they may be able to restock from corporate storage, so they may get more in), but do go check out the store you normally get it from because it won't be there long.

Also note that the Meijers stores here have it on sale for $2.99 a can. Perhaps yours does too.

We now return you to your regular programming.


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