Random Brain Dump

September 14, 2005 at 1:04 pm (Daily Dookie, Other Bloggers, The Enlightening Ones)

This is sort of a random brain dump…bear with me, it should be amusing.

For those who wonder just what exactly goes on in my head, it should answer your questions.

*Dog, I'm sick of listening to the bickering. Today's bitch session is over Honey's new project. H'sMa and H are debating whether or not the project is finished. Like either of them knows how it's going to come out since Honey's never done it before.

*The project? Why, how nice of you to ask! It's making beef jerky, dried between furnace filters bungee-corded to a box fan. It didn't get dry last night so Honey's got it in the oven at 170, said temperature taking a 10 minute debate to arrive at. The debate was settled when it was discovered that the lowest setting for the oven was, oh yes, 170.

*I'm sick of having dried meat shoved in my face, oh boy am I ever! It's not the fun, live, meat that so many of us treasure (men) and so many of us get that special, wiggling-in-the-snootch craving for (some men, some women–yeah, I know men don't have snootches, but some of you get that craving just the same). No–it's furnace-filter and oven-dried hot beef that really should be teriyaki flavored if you want me to go apeshit over it.

*Telling me how much you're saving on prescriptions BEFORE I've had coffee is not the way to get me to go "ooh" and "ahh" over it. How about waiting at least until I get a sip or two in?

*ACW had a great post Friday about commenting on blogs. We all are bemoaning the fact that our blogs don't have the volume or the comments they do in the wintertime, but I like that ACW did something about it. So leave comments, instead of just your IP addresses on hit counters.

*MooCow is criminally insane and has too much time on his hands, but I like his ideas in this post. Honey didn't like the idea of mounting a flamethrower on Baby, but I've got a LAW rocket launcher on my birthday wish list.

I have more, but it'll be a longer post so I'm ending this one. I'm just full of it today, yes I am.


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