Candles for ME!

September 15, 2005 at 4:55 pm (Daily Dookie)

Recently I bought raffle tickets from a soaper who was walking in the breast cancer walkathon, and as luck would have it, I won a $25 gift certificate from one of my favorite candle places. So, after wiping the drool from my chin (oooh, yeah baby–free Melissa candles), I moseyed over to the website and picked myself out a selection of yummies.

They arrived yesterday, but my favorite scent of the bunch, Cherry Cobbler, had a malfunction. But life gets better–I contacted Melissa, the owner, and she's sending me a replacement gratis PLUS sending me a sample of the Cherry Cobbler FO (which I could lick off Honey) so I can check it out in soap! Let me say I have NEVER had a problem with candles from Melissa, only this one, and she's AWESOME!

I got a lilac honey pot jar candle (incredible! I'm hoarding that sucker), a Sandalwood and Vanilla (also yummay!), the Cherry Cobbler in a hex jar, and a six-pack of votives in Cinnabon. I'm sniffling at the Cherry Cobbler jar and it throws insanely well even without being burned, and it threw great burning before the malfunction.

I can't wait to get my replacement. Thanks tons Melissa–I'm saving the sheckles for more goodies!


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