Sock Puppet Theater: Puppy Luv

September 25, 2005 at 8:17 pm (Funny Shit, Sock Puppet Theater)

*I know, another rerun…but this is a good’un, and I can’t find any news stories about someone dumbfucked enough to arse myself to blog about.

MooCow once again gets me thinking, as he always does, between changes of my pants and mopping coffee spewed onto my monitor.

Large happy dog is at the bottom of the bed. Honey is on the bed, still wearing work pants. I’m nursing a backache.

Honey: Ooooh! Look! Wook at da widdle puppy!!
Me: Awwww, lookit dat FACE!! What a cute FACE! Zeeeeeke!
Honey: Zeeeeeeeeeke!

Large happy black hairy dog jumps on bed.

Honey: No, boy, get back down. Daddy can’t love you with his pants on.

Twenty minutes of incapacitating laughter, horrible jokes about man-puppy luuuuuuuuv, and two coughing fits later…

Honey: This is gonna wind up on your blog, isn’t it SSS?

I wuv you Honey! Really I do!


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